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At Mike’s Farm, we can guarantee that our beef is 100% grass-fed and raised free-range. We do not use hormonal supplements nor antibiotics. Get your beef from us and experience the difference in every bite.

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    Finding high-quality beef that fits your preference might seem easy. But once you come across Mike’s Farm premium grass-fed beef Arizona, you will know why Americans are choosing our brand.

    Arizona is known for its rich soil that allows grass and similar plants, such as forbs and sedges, to grow. The unique soil and mineral composition, plus all the minerals from our pure water, help bring out an extraordinary savory flavor in our beef.

    Our superior ground beef consists of an 85/15 ratio. This perfect blend of lean meat over fat ratio is best for making the juiciest and tastiest tacos, burgers, and meatloaf in town. Using our ground beef will surely make your mouth melt.
    Our high-caliber steaks are tender because they are dry-aged for about 18 to 21 days. Our professional butcher carefully hand-cuts and packs each piece. Your order will be delivered flash-frozen to converse its flavor. We have the best cuts in the market. From Ribeye to Filet Mignon, your palate will surely feast on our quality meat.
    Mike’s Farm also offers savory cuts of baby back ribs, roasts, stew meats, Korean-style ribs, and briskets. What’s best is that we did not leave out the shanks! Our meticulously handled savory cuts will definitely be a flavorful highlight to your hearty meal.

    Our Services

    Mike’s Farm is dedicated to bringing top-quality grass-fed beef to your table. Additionally, we gear towards encouraging Arizona residents to buy in bulk. It will be cost-effective and time-saving for families who constantly need to find the nearest meat market in Phoenix.

    Mike’s Farm fattens on top-grade pasturage. Our next step is to let our Arizona grass-raised beef dry-aged for about 14 to 21 days, depending on its purpose. All our beef shows a rosy-red color and gives off an enticing, meaty flavor aroma. Ultimately, each beef order is individually packaged, labeled, and flash-frozen to retain its freshness and flavor. After all, our goal is to bring high-quality meat to your plates.

    Wholesale Meats

    We custom-cut our beef products based on your specific need. Mike’s Farm has the best team and equipment to bring high-quality wholesale beef to residential and commercial premises, no matter the size or volume they need. We handle each request as if we are bringing them to our own homes, which leads us to consistently ensure quality and integrity to every cut we do.

    If you are in Phoenix and typing wholesale meats near me now, Mike’s Farm is your best choice. Besides our excellent packaging to preserve the quality of your beef, we are also great with logistics, bringing our products to you fast and in their best condition.

    Beef Share

    Mike’s Farm is dedicated to supporting a healthy, sustainable, locally raised beef supply to our residents. And purchasing an entire beef share is one of the best ways to help achieve this cause. We offer either a whole, half, or quarter beef meat, cut beautifully, individually packaged, and labeled.

    Our beef share packages include ground beef, steaks, roasts, ribs, and chops. Expect full coordination with our team. We customize your order based on your chosen beef share and preferred cuts. You can either pick up your orders from our farm or at our designated neighborhood pickup station at a scheduled date. Otherwise, we can arrange to have your beef delivered right to your doorstep.


    Do you know why Mike’s Farm premium beef is extraordinary? It is because our cows are all fed with native Arizona grasses using the old ranching techniques. We DO NOT GIVE corn, industrial by-products, feed grains, animal wastes, growth supplements, nor hormone-based additives to our cows.

    Cows raised on natural forage live in significantly low-stress environments. Consequently, their optimum nutrition and growing condition allow them to be relatively healthy and less susceptible to diseases. As an Arizona grass-raised beef company, Mike’s Farm can guarantee that you and your family are eating beef cuisines that are nutritious and flavorful.


    If you are thinking right now: Is there bulk-buy meat near me? Yes. It is true. Mike’s Farm offers a bulk buying program, which is best for business owners and retailers in Phoenix. If you want to purchase our beef and offer it to your community, we can be your partner wholesale meat distributor near me who can provide you the best grass-fed beef in the whole meat market in Phoenix.

    We ship bulk orders via UPS with a 75-pound minimum weight. Contact us today and learn more about your shipment options.


    Mike’s Farm raises cows on an open range, rich pastures, grazing on native Arizona grasses. Our top-caliber grass-fed beef is one of the most nutritious and delectable cooking components for you and your family.

    Why Choose Mike’s Farm

    Our farm focuses on letting our cow live free, grazing on native Arizona grass while basking in the warm sunshine. Our ability to handle our animals as humanely as possible helps us gain the trust and confidence of our customers.

    Our well-experienced butchers and beef specialists are experts in dry-aging our hand-cut steaks, plus make savory cuts and ground beef perfect for your dish. Each of our beef products is individually packed in a vacuum-sealed package and is flash-frozen before shipment.

    So, what are the benefits you can enjoy if you get your beef from Mike’s Farm?


    Mike’s Farm developed techniques and methods to naturally help cows grow more efficiently. Our grass-fed beef in Arizona has a lower than a third of fat than grain-fed beef with a large amount of fat. Moreover, you will enjoy a flavorful, high-grade, tender beef that has a mouth-watering aroma you cannot resist.


    We are a locally-owned, family-originated Arizona grass-raised beef company that believes that we need to handle our cows more humanely. We show our respect for the existence and importance of animals in our lives and well-being through it. We care for them as close as to how nature intended it to be. We do not give artificial hormones, antibiotics, or anything with GMOs in it.


    Our ranching procedures and our partners are all registered under the American Grass Fed Association (AGA). Our operations are also USDA inspected and registered. We follow state and health safety rules and regulations in meat handling and packaging to ensure that our products are clean, germ-free, and tamper-free.


    Mike’s Farm is also one with nature as we encourage a more environmentally safe way to use the land and its resources. We find innovative yet natural methods and strategies to promote a more sustainable meat-processing AZ. We are gearing towards using solar and wind energy as adjunct means to use electricity during our operating hours.


    This part should not be rocket science. What’s best? We made the ordering process simpler and more accessible. After all, we have the same goal – that is to put the best-quality grass-fed beef Arizona on your plates.


    Choose your beef. We have:

    • Steaks (Sirloin, Denver, Ranch, T-bone, Ribeye, and Filet Mignon)
    • Savory cuts (Korean short ribs, Back ribs, Shank, Chuck roll, Roast, Stew meat, and Brisket)
    • Ground beef

    Tell us in advance of any special requests regarding your beef cuts. We will have it cut based on what you need.


    Each of our grass-fed beef Arizona products is individually vacuum-sealed. All you need to do is get your favorite spices, mix and match your best ingredients, and cook Mike’s Farm beef at your preferred doneness. 


    But don’t stop right there. Enjoy! Eat worry-free, knowing that the beef you have on your plate is safe and healthy. It is not just a piece of meat but one of the most delicious dinners you’ll ever bite. 

    Here is a little bonus tip from Mike’s Farm:

    The typical grain-fed beef cooks differently than our special grass-fed beef Arizona. Our beef has more lean meat than fat, which requires 30% less cooking time than other beef types. Moreover, you should consider lowering the internal cooking temperature, too.


    At Mike’s Farm, we take pride in the great feedback we get from our Arizona customers every day. Check out some of our remarkable testimonies, and discover why we are the best Arizona grass-raised beef company.

    Mike’s Farm is the best provider in the meat market in Phoenix. Your grass-fed beef is absolutely the best! My dad and I loved the Ribeye dry-aged steaks. We seared them in hot butter, pepper, and salt for about three to five minutes.

    For a medium-rare steak, the aroma alone was mouth-watering. We are delighted to have found this treasure in Phoenix.

    C. Smith, Phoenix, AZ

    Five years ago, our family started this goal to buy only organic food for various health reasons. We typically buy our meat from local grocery stores, but after a friend recommended Mike’s Farm grass-fed beef, we never bought it from other shops again.

    All their beef products, particularly their ground beef, are absolutely amazing! Taco Tuesdays have never been this enjoyable. The meat is juicy and flavorful. During family barbeque nights, our Korean short ribs are always a hit! Now, everyone is looking forward to our family weekend lunch get-togethers. Thank you, Mike’s Farm. You are a blessing to many Arizona families.

    John P., Arizona

    We started a small meat business in Phoenix, but we struggled to find the best quality beef to offer our customers. Well, that is until a colleague recommended Mike’s Farm.

    From ordering our beef, the packaging, and the delivery, everything is seamless and hassle-free. What’s more, is that the quality of their grass-fed beef is just wow! Our customers are all praises. Thank you, Mike’s Farm.
    We are excited to doing more business with you.

    Paul K., Arizona

    I tried to find the best meat share near me, and my sister told me about Mike’s Farm grass-fed beef. I was skeptical until I tried their sirloin dry-aged steak. Oh boy! It was simply amazing. We accidentally had it well done, but the juiciness and taste were outstanding.

    We look forward to joining the meat share next week. We are definitely going bulk buying meat this time. By the way, I will surely share this gem with my friends and family. Cheers to more steak nights!

    N. Robinson, Phoenix, AZ