Arizona Grass Raised Beef Companies: Where Is The Best Place To Buy Grass-Fed Beef?

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In terms of nutrition, grass-fed beef is higher in key nutrients such as antioxidants and vitamins. This leaner beef has a slightly gamey flavor. Because it has less intramuscular fat, it eats more meat than corn-fed cattle.

Arizona is well-known for its fertile soil, which supports the growth of grass and related plants such as forbs and sedges. The unique soil and mineral composition, as well as all of the minerals from our pure water, contribute to an extraordinary savory flavor in the beef.

If you are looking to buy grass-fed beef, we have compiled a list for you. Find the best Arizona grass-raised beef company for you.


The Best Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company For You

Did you know that cattle don’t need to be fed a completely grass-fed diet to be labeled grass-fed? Furthermore, “grass-fed” cows are not always pasture-raised. In fact, many “grass-fed” cows spend the last few months of their lives in feedlots eating grain to help them gain weight quickly.

So if you want the real thing, it will be much better for you to do more research. You never know if the beef you pick up at the grocery has the benefits you want.

Benefits of Grass Raised Beef

Grain is fed to a large number of cows. Cows are supposed to eat grass while grain is unnatural for cows to consume.

There is a study that found that cows fed a high-grain diet are more susceptible to disease and bacteria. Yes, the diet of the cow influences how it tastes. So in the end, it all comes down to personal preference.

Grass-fed beef contains fewer calories. Yes, we may want a bigger, fatter piece of steak. When you eat that steak, though, you consume the extra fat and calories. Since grass-fed steak is leaner, it contains fewer calories per pound.

Grass-fed beef also contains more omega-3 fatty acids, which are an essential nutrient. It is said to contain five times more omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef.

Furthermore, grass-fed beef contains twice as much conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) as grain-fed beef. CLA is yet another fatty acid with health benefits.

8 Arizona Grass Raised Beef Companies

Here are 10 Arizona grass raised beef companies you can choose from:


1. Aschbacher Acres/American Surf N’ Turf

This store promises pure meat by adhering to the “All grass, All the time” philosophy. On the high plains of Union County in northeast New Mexico, they raise Black Angus Wheat Grass beef. They assure customers there are no hormones, steroids, or antibiotics used with their livestock.

Aschbacher Acres/American Surf N’ Turf primarily sells its products at Farmers’ Markets. However, they also have locations in Phoenix and Albuquerque. If want to find them, they’re also available in a few Arizona and New Mexico retailers and restaurants.

2. AZ Grass Raised Beef Company

The beef from AZ Grass Raised Beef Company is 100% grass-raised and grass-finished. Their cows spend their entire lives foraging for food. They are never given hormones, antibiotics, or grain, and they never spend a single minute in a feedlot.

Throughout the year, their cattle graze in the Arizona sun. They find sustenance on naturally occurring grasses, water, and flowers while roaming millions of acres of ranchlands. They manage their cattle on horseback and rely on windmills and solar power systems to ensure our ranch practices are sustainable. They say that this is the reason you can taste Arizona sunshine with every delectable bite.

This company is unique in that they own their own USDA harvesting plant. This is where beef is slaughtered in a humane manner. Aside from being inspected by USDA. They are also third-party verified by the America Grassfed Association. 

3. Broken Horn D Ranch

Broken Horn D Ranch is located in Prescott, Arizona. They raise purebred Corriente cattle and produce USDA Process Verified Grass-Fed, Criollo beef.

All the beef are born and raised on the ranch. They spend their days in range pastures grazing on native grasses as well as irrigated pastures.

Criollo beef comes from cattle of Spanish origin. Criollo is especially well adapted to the hot, dry Arizona climate. Their muscle fibers are fine. You can compare it to buffalo or elk. This gives you meat that is tender and incredibly delicious.

The USDA process verifies all Broken Horn D Ranch Criollo beef. They are 100% grass-fed, with no hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products ever.

They claim that this is true for the duration of the animal’s life, as independently verified by TechniTrack, LLC. They are also a BQA Certified Producer, which confirms that the ranch adheres to the highest industry standards for humane cattle handling and care.

4. Chiracahua Pasture-Raised Meats

Chiracahua Pasture-Raised Meats are passionate about offering the best natural product we can. It is their intent to raise tender, tasty and healthy meat and eggs.

They raise cattle and sheep as they were meant to be raised. That is, without corn, grain distillery products or hormones, and antibiotics. Chiracahua beef and lamb are on green pastures all of their lives. The cattle and sheep are supplemented as needed with hay that is raised and stockpiled on the farm.

If you like chicken, you’ll be happy to hear their poultry roams freely on irrigated pastures. It is provided shade, water, dry feed, and protection. Chiricahua makes their own chicken feed that combines with the grasses to provide a well-balanced ratio. By making their own feed, it is assured that additives are not present in meals. Neither do genetically modified products and animal by-products.


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5. Date Creek Ranch

Date Creek Ranch was established in 1966. It is a family-owned and operated working cattle ranch. Their cattle are bred and raised on the property. This is beneficial to the soil and ecosystem.

They are known for their grass-fed and grass-finished beef. They do, however, sell pastured chicken, pastured pork, and grass-fed lamb online. Each month, they are available for delivery.

Throughout the year, their cattle forage for their own feed. They are finished on irrigated pasture when it is time to sell. Date Creek Ranch guarantees that their livestock will never be exposed to a feedlot —nor will they taste grain, soy, or corn.

They are also hormone and antibiotic-free. Their ranch uses sustainable grazing methods. In addition, all of their animals coexist to maintain a healthy ecosystem for native plants and wildlife.

6. Double Check Ranch

On the family ranch, Double Check Ranch does everything right. The grass-fed beef is raised, finished, and processed entirely on the ranch. The business is managed by three generations of the Schwennesen family. Their operation is restricted to 14,000 acres and is closely monitored. The land, as well as the quality of the beef, are closely monitored.

They control the market from wholesale to restaurants. Double Check Ranch facility is approved by animal welfare. They are dedicated to maintaining a healthy and wholesome relationship between animals and customers.

Finally, it is critical to note that this company places a premium on humane treatment. They perform all of their slaughters on the ranch in a low-stress environment.

7. Gryphon Ranch LLC

Gryphon Ranch LLC, located south of Globe, Arizona, is proud to offer all-natural beef. Their beef is grass-fed and finished in the Scottish Highlands. Highland beef has a lower fat and cholesterol content while remaining tender and delicious. They are Arizona’s only source of Highland meat.

This company’s beef is born, raised, and butchered in the same location. They can graze naturally in the mountains and canyons. They also receive alfalfa hay and mineral spring water. GMOs, corn, antibiotics, or growth hormones are not present. Guaranteed.

The beef you buy is slaughtered humanely at the ranch, so the animal is not stressed. Furthermore, they are inspected on an annual basis and are nationally certified as being humanely raised and handled.

They also bear the American Highland Cattle Association’s Quality Highland Beef seal of approval. In addition, the American Grass Fed Association has certified the farm as grass-fed.

8. Mike’s Farm


Mike’s Farm guarantees that our beef is 100% grass-fed and raised free-range. We don’t use any hormone supplements or antibiotics. Purchase your beef from us and taste the difference in every bite.

You’ll find high-quality ground beef, dry-aged steaks, and savory cuts at Mike’s Farm. They’re committed to bringing you high-quality grass-fed beef. It would also be better if you buy in bulk. This will be both cost-effective and time-saving for you.

Enjoying Your Grass Raised Beef

It’s normal to want to know where your food comes from. It might even be better for you to visit these companies’ ranches. This way, you’ll see how your beef is raised. You might even get a free sample to take home and enjoy.

Have you tried buying from any of the Arizona Grass Raised Beef Companies on this list? Which was your favorite?



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