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    We are pleased to offer Mike’s Farm grass-fed beef share to Phoenix, Arizona, and our nearby cities. By opening this new idea of meat sharing, we look forward to bringing meaningful connections between the community and nature.
    As Mike’s Farm gears towards a sustainable approach to farming, we started to hold meat or beef shares to the Arizona community. We offer our 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef. We change our cuts every now and then, which basically depends on the upcoming season.
    You, the customer, will select your preferred share size. Typically, we have 15 lb, 30 lb, 45 lb, or 90 lb total. You can choose to proceed with your current share or start another one. Think of it this way. A beef share is like a running bar tab. We monitor and keep track of the shares you acquire. When you use up all the shares allocated for you, you can choose to start a new one but will be applicable to the following beef sharing schedule. Nevertheless, you can use your share the entire year without the fear of expiration.
    Our 100% grass-fed beef cuts include dry-aged steaks and savory cuts. Note, however, that our available cuts differ from one week to another. This approach is to ensure that everyone will have equal access to various types of our beef products.

    The participant should choose a variety of cuts. For example, you cannot pick 45 lbs of dry-aged steaks alone. It should be a variety of steaks and different savory cuts, such as shanks or stew cuts. Moreover, note that there are beef cuts and special promotions only offered to our exclusive clients. You may speak with one of our staff if you wish to be included in the list.


    Inside your share box is Mike’s Farm premium grass-fed beef. The beef cuts are inside a reusable canvas bag with a particular insulation layer to keep your meat cuts cold.

    We will also place an extra small bag of dry ice when the temperature is about 35 to 40 degrees Celsius. All these are inside a carefully packed and labeled share box for pick-up or delivery to your Arizona home.


    Mike’s Farm offers the tastiest and healthiest meat option in Phoenix, AZ. We provide 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef in Arizona.

    Imagine this scenario: No more panicking when shopping, especially when holidays are near—no quick, chaotic drive-thru errands. If you choose to join Mike’s Farm beef share, all you will have is peace of mind and a seriously fantastic beef like it’s Christmas every day.

    Here are the grass-fed beef AZ options you can choose from when you join our seasonal beef share program.

    The price starts at $12.50 per pack.

    One of Mike’s Farm’s all-time bestsellers, our grass-fed beef sirloin steak is best-served medium-rare. You can have it through pan-frying, grilling, or broiling.

    The price starts at $15.50 per pack.

    Our grass-fed beef Ranch steak is a definite favorite at the Mike’Farm’s table. When sliced, it is best placed in sandwiches, salads, or your favorite fajitas. Each package has one to two steaks, varying depending on the weight.

    The price starts at $15.80 per pack.

    Mike’s Farm grass-fed beef Arizona rib-eye steak is one of the most delicious steaks in Phoenix, Arizona. It is known for its tenderness and distinct delectable taste, producing a mouthwatering aroma when grilled or pan-fried.

    The price starts at $30 per pack.

    We get our grass-fed beef NY strip steaks from our cow’s short loins. It is best cooked on your cast-iron skillet, grill, or your trusty broiler. You will get two steaks per pack, depending on your chosen weight.

    The price starts at $40 per pack.

    Have you been dreaming of the best smokey back ribs? Mike’s Farm’s grass-fed beef back ribs will surely make your mouth water whether you smoke, barbeque, bake or braise them.

    The price starts at $23 per pack.

    Do you know why Arizona families love Mike’s Farm grass-raised beef Korean short ribs? It is because of their taste and tenderness. You can toss them in a quick, high-heated pan, grill, or broiler, and they’ll always come out with the best meaty aroma you will ever smell.

    The price starts at $33 per pack.

    Are you ready for a savory beef brisket for lunch? Enjoy with Mike’s Farm grass-fed, grass-finished beef brisket. What’s more, is that each pack contains the tip and flat. All you need now are your favorite wine and side vegetables.

    The price starts at $30 per pack.

    Are you ready to slow cook Mike’s Farm’s grass-raised beef chuck roast? Our meat has the perfect combination of fat and connective tissue that makes a tasty meal for family dinners.

    The price starts at $8 per lb.

    Our grass-raised ground beef is a popular favorite for crockpot or burger dishes. We get it from various cuts of the cow, which we can guarantee are not just leftovers or trimmings. Are you ready for your juicy, mouthwatering burger? Call us today.


    The price starts at:

    * $125 for a small box – About 8 to 10 lbs per box, can feed 1 to 2 persons at an average of 13 dinners for eaters

    * $200 for a large box – About 16 to 20 lbs per box, can provide 3 to 5 persons at an average of 13 dinners for four eaters

    Our assorted beef share box comes with mixed cuts of our grass-fed beef. Unlike the pre-ordered beef share portions, we will choose the beef cuts to place in your box. But, do not worry as we will ensure a good variety that you are sure to enjoy.


    Q: Where and when is the available beef share near me?

    A: Beef share varies in time and location. However, typically, we target the months of April, July, September, and November. You may watch out for our meat share updates on our HOME or BLOG page.

    Q: Can I join a share from another person, or can I just get a half-share?

    A: You can split your share to whomever you want, especially if you registered for a large one but won’t have enough storage for it.

    Q: Is your beef really from cows that are grass-fed and grass-finished?

    A: At Mike’s Farm, we are a direct supplier of grass-fed, grass-finished beef. We can guarantee that we do not use artificial hormones, GMOs, or antibiotics on our cows and cattles. We also do not feed them corn, soy, or other grain-based products. Our cows are allowed to graze freely on open native Arizona grasses since we believe that a stress-free life brings about healthy cows, which results in best-tasting beef.

    While we also have some vegetables and fruits in our backyard for personal and employee consumption, we do not employ herbicides or pesticides that our cows might ingest.

    Q: Are your beef products fresh?

    A: We strive to deliver the best, freshest beef to our Arizona customers. Since we mostly do our deliveries within the state, our beef reaches your homes faster than typical commercial providers would.

    As for our steaks, we ensure to follow the best dry-aging techniques. We do not slowly freeze nor defrost in a microwave oven. Our experienced butchers use special cutting techniques and then do flash freezing to preserve the freshness of our beef. We transported your orders in a below-zero degree freezer van. Nevertheless, each share box has individual insulation layers and added dry ice as necessary.

    Q: Can I skip a beef share event?

    A: Yes. We allow skipping of joining beef share events anytime unless you have already confirmed your request and your share box has already been packed. If you need to skip for several months, you may call us or send us an email, and we will put your share on hold until you tell us otherwise.

    Q: Can I customize my beef share?
    A: Typically, we offer about 6 to 7 lbs per share per person. You can let us know of the specific parts you wish, but note that we cannot put one to two kinds per share box. It has to be a variety of grass-fed beef cuts. Each month, we will send an update of our exceptional items to our clients for their requests to be prioritized. If you have any requests, you can call or email us anytime.
    Q: Do I need a bigger freezer?

    A: Maybe not. A 10-pounder beef is just approximately a cubic foot area. A regular freezer or refrigerator should be fine, assuming no other items fill up space if you can spare enough room in advance, especially when a beef share is coming up.