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    Operating for about a decade, Mike’s Farm is committed to providing the best quality, grass-fed beef to Arizona residents. Artificial hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, grain, animal-by products, and other human-made chemical mixtures are a NO-NO. Try our grass-fed beef today and savor the flavor in every bite.


    Meat sharing is time-efficient and more cost-effective for Arizona families to aim to eat healthier daily. We let our cows feed on open pastures, grazing on native Arizona grasses. We aim to provide our livestock a healthy environment, which lowers their stress and allows them to grow naturally.

    Our meat processing includes dry-aging and same-day packaging techniques. All our steaks are dry-aged for about 14 to 21 days. Our ground beef and savory cut beef are processed, packaged, and flash-frozen on the same day of our delivery to you.

    Our grass-fed beef gives out a mouth-watering, flavorful, cooking aroma that no one could resist. And, no matter what doneness you choose, it will start in a beautiful rosy-red color that will surely entice you.
    More to all the wonderful things listed above, here are the benefits you will enjoy with us.


    Over our years in the meat processing AZ industry, we decided to focus on producing premium grass-fed beef for Arizona’s quality-conscious consumers. We formulated methods and innovative approaches to allow the natural growth and development of our cows. Mike’s Farm grass-fed beef has the best lean meat to fat ratio than grain-fed beef. Ultimately, you can definitely be delighted with our delicious, top-caliber beef.


    Our primary goal is to offer a holistic way of supplying meat to Arizona families. We ensure that our methods allow the careful handling of our cows – that is, in a more humane manner. It is our way of giving our respect for the essence of animals in our daily living. We care for our cows as close as how their natural habitat should be. We do not use GMOs, antibiotics, nor artificial hormones.


    Mike’s Farm is dedicated to following all of Arizona’s safety and health rules and regulations. We ensure that our USDA-inspected meat handling and packing operations warrant clean, tamper-free, and fresh grass-fed beef products. Our farming methods and ranching partners are checked and registered with AGA (American Grass-Fed Association).


    Mike’s Farm fosters the cause to find more eco-friendly ways to preserve our lands, waters, and natural resources. Our genuine approach and innovative techniques help us provide a sustainable, ecologically safe supply of grass-fed beef to Arizona families and businesses. Over the years, we successfully started using solar and wind energy to support our day-to-day operations.


    Our farming approach is about practicing holistic, natural, and systematized grazing through regenerative agriculture. We aim to boost the regeneration of our natural grasslands and soil.


    Mike’s Farm offers wholesaling and bulk buying of our grass-fed beef. During harvest time, we will send you an invoice, which depends on the actual weight of the cow. We will let you know of the actual cost of your order plus the processing fee.

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    Our cows are raised in Arizona’s natural forages. Without the use of artificial hormones and antibiotics, they grow naturally without inorganic chemicals in their bodies. The results are stress-free animals, which make the best-tasting beef for you and your family.