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    Are you interested in selling fresh Arizona grass-fed beef in your area or want to promote healthy food for your business? You might want to consider purchasing wholesale meats in Phoenix, AZ, through Mike’s Farm. We are supplying premium yet cheap wholesale meat products, particularly our grass-fed, grass-finished beef in A and all around the country.
    So, before you go all out on finding “wholesale meats near me” in Phoenix, AZ, particularly grass-fed beef, here are the basic concepts about meat that you should know by heart.

    Most meat processing AZ companies handle and sell meat products based on weight, mainly when doing wholesale meat. But you should understand that these weights depend on various factors.

    LIVE WEIGHT: It is the weight of the livestock animal, such as cows, cattles, lamb, and pigs, before setting for slaughter.

    HANGING WEIGHT: It is typically about 60% of the animal’s live weight. It is the weight of the carcass after removing several parts of it, such as the blood, head, viscera, hooves, and skin. This weight is the most common method used in measuring meat for wholesale and bulk buy.

    TAKE-HOME WEIGHT: The meat takes about 60% of the hanging weight and comes after cutting. The take-home weight depends on various meat processing AZ factors, including whether it has been dry-aged or not, bone-in or bone-out, and the amount of fat left after cutting.

    When handling beef, including the grass-fed and grain-fed meat, you usually get across the terms “wet-aging” and “dry-aging,” especially when you are going to do wholesale.

    DRY-AGING: This method entails hanging the carcass from weeks to several months. It should be a temperature-controlled room to permit effective moisture evaporation. It should also support enzymes and microbes to tenderize the meat. The longer the processing time allowed, the more flavorful and tender it becomes.

    WET-AGING: This method requires vacuum packing immediately after the butcher cuts the carcass. The temperature should be constant for days to weeks, depending on the aging you want to achieve. The beef will tenderize with its juices. However, its flavor is8 less retained than dry-aging.

    Learning more about the basics of beef will let you have a good perspective on what items to choose when you are going to wholesale meat in Phoenix, AZ. If you have more questions, call Mike’s Farm, and our helpful staff will be glad to help you all about how to wholesale meat.


    If you choose to join the wholesale meat category in Phoenix, AZ, you also need to know about their cuts and the cooking methods you can recommend your consumers to try. Here is a quick guide on beef cuts and what you need to know about them.
    A fresh grass-fed cow is first processed into what we call primal cuts. They include the primary areas of the animal, including the chuck, brisket, loin, rib, flank, round, and sirloin.
    The carcass is broken further into sub-primal cuts from these primal cuts, such as savory chops and steaks. These are the cuts mostly offered when you wholesale meat in Phoenix, AZ.
    The loin cut, including the strip loin and the short loin, is typically known as the lean meat cut. It is perfect for grilling or high-heat frying. Your favorite Porterhouse and T-bone steaks are under this category. High-quality loin cuts are best cooked in a searing hot pan with a pinch of salt, your favorite butter, and a dash of your chosen spice.
    Your mouthwatering strip steak, filet mignon, and beef roasts come from this part. These cuts are best for high-heat stir-fry, skillet cooking, and grilling, but not so much for slow cooking. You might want to try high-heat frying your filet mignon steak with thyme and rosemary for added flavor, and enjoy its juiciness in every bite.
    Recommend beef rib cuts to your Phoenix, AZ consumers who are into roasting and slow cooking. This cut includes the famous ribeye steak, ribeye filet, and ribeye cap. While the ribeye filet and cap are perfect for slow cooking, ribeye steaks are best served grilled.
    Are you in for a delicious serving of pot roasts or a flaming-hot grilled steak in your Phoenix, AZ home? Recommend your wholesale meat customers to purchase chuck cuts. Sub-primal cuts include country-style ribs, chuck eye, blade, ranch steak, and shoulder steak. The first three on the list are best for slow cooking pot roasts, while ranch and shoulder steaks are best served grilled.
    Brisket cuts are one of the all-time favorites when doing wholesale meat in Phoenix, AZ. You can either select point or flat cut because both are perfect for slow cooking. Be careful though on your timing, because cooking it too long can turn the meat dry and chewy. Nevertheless, you can never go wrong if you offer brisket as one of your monthly specials.
    Round cuts are obtained from the leaner back leg part of a cow. Eye, top, and bottom round cuts are perfect for cooking high heat. The rump and bottom round cuts go well with oven roasting and slow cooking.
    Plate, flank, skirt, and short ribs are part of these beef cuts in Phoenix, AZ. They are from the lower belly portion of the cow. The slow cooking method is suitable for short ribs, while frying and grilling techniques are perfect for flank and skirt steak. Did you know that you can add tomato, beer, garlic, or red wine to boost the taste of your Arizona beef ribs?

    Farm Raised & Grass Fed Cows

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    At Mike’s Farm in Phoenix, AZ, we can guarantee that we only supply 100% fresh Arizona grass-raised beef to our wholesale meat customers. Our farm animals are free of added hormones, antibiotics, and other GMO products. We also do not give grains, such as soy and corn, to our cows and cattles. Send us Mike’s Farm an email with any questions about our wholesale meat.

    Now that you know more about the basics of beef let us talk more about wholesale meats.

    Mike’s Farm offers fresh wholesale meat at a price lower than when buying one item. To avail of our products at their wholesale prices, you have to purchase the minimum number of pieces we set for a specific product.

    For example, our minimum wholesale purchase for ground beef patties is 6 lbs. Therefore, you have to buy at least 6 lbs of ground beef patties to get it at its wholesale price. Otherwise, we will charge you the regular retail fee we have. Remember, it has to be of the same cut variant. Check out the minimum number of items you need to avail of our wholesale meats from the wide selection of our products.

    Sirloin Steak – 6 lbs
    Back Ribs – 8 lbs
    Ground beef – 5 lbs
    Brisket – 6 lbs

    If you want to order various cuts, you might want to consider our other business services, such as meat share or bulk buying.


    Q: Where and when can I buy bulk meat and purchase wholesale meats near me?

    A: You can purchase Mike’s Farm’s naturally-raised, fresh beef at the same time we offer bulk buying to our Phoenix, AZ consumers. Our target months are April, September, and November. We will post announcements on our website about our upcoming promos and offers. Otherwise, you may try to search the results page in Google, Bing, or any search engine and type “wholesale meat in Phoenix, AZ.”

    Q: Do you have other kinds of livestock different than beef for doing wholesale meat in Phoenix, AZ?

    A: Mike’s Farm is an Arizona company in Phoenix dedicated to providing specialty beef to our quality-conscious consumers. We choose to deliver beef only to maintain the quality we have and are continuing to provide our buyers, particularly for homes and businesses.

    Q: Do you ship wholesale meat outside Phoenix, AZ?

    A: Yes. We do ship within Arizona and all around the country. Our shipment within Phoenix and the rest of Arizona is complimentary, while the fee for shipment outside the state will vary depending on your location and the weight of your orders.

    Q: What is the difference between purchasing wholesale meat and bulk buy meats in Phoenix, AZ?

    A: Wholesale meat allows you to purchase a particular kind of meat cut at a lower price if you purchase the store’s minimum wholesale number. On the other hand, bulk buy meats offer a lower price for a specific weight of meat products with a variety of cuts. At a glance, wholesale meats are more focused on one kind of meat cut, while bulk buy allows you to purchase a variety of cuts. Both have minimum weight requirements that you need to purchase before you can avail of the discounted price.

    Q: Can I skip a beef share event?

    A: Yes. We allow skipping of joining beef share events anytime unless you have already confirmed your request and your share box has already been packed. If you need to skip for several months, you may call us or send us an email, and we will put your share on hold until you tell us otherwise.

    Q: Can I customize my beef share?
    A: Typically, we offer about 6 to 7 lbs per share per person. You can let us know of the specific parts you wish, but note that we cannot put one to two kinds per share box. It has to be a variety of grass-fed beef cuts. Each month, we will send an update of our exceptional items to our clients for their requests to be prioritized. If you have any requests, you can call or email us anytime.
    Q: Do I need a bigger freezer?

    A: Maybe not. A 10-pounder beef is just approximately a cubic foot area. A regular freezer or refrigerator should be fine, assuming no other items fill up space if you can spare enough room in advance, especially when a beef share is coming up.